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Amirhosein Shirani


Strategy, Business2 min read

What is Pattern?

There are multiple definitions for the word "Pattern", But if we want to describe it at the abstract level, we could define a pattern as a regularity in the world, in human-made design, or in abstract ideas. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.

In my perspective, patterns have impacted our everyday life. Every time we already solve a routine problem, we use our existing patterns for solving the issue. For instance, I order a coffee in my brunch time to be more fresh. So the problem is freshing and the solution is ordering a coffee. That's a pattern that exists in my life.

Pattern Language

grammar, semantic and syntax are part of the any language. So when we think of the pattern language, actually we think of patterns orderly specifies for each problem. Christopher Alexander, one the greatest geniuses of our time, coined the term "Pattern Language" and popularized by his 1977 book A Pattern Language. Christopher Alexander's work describes a process of decomposition, in which the designer has a problem (perhaps a commercial assignment), selects a solution, then discovers new, smaller problems resulting from the larger solution. I want to extend the philosophy of pattern language to all aspect of our lives. As Karim Rashid stated in his book "Design Your Self", we should face the problem in our life as a design problem.

Predictability is a Privilege

When we produce something, we leverage from our knowledge to do that. It's not an "one day achievement". the process of production takes time, not just when the process begins, but when the initiators were working on producing something else. Although, no one could connect these dots looking forward, if we try to remember this concept in our steps, we could get the most benefit of choosing the path in our lives.

Patterns of your Life

If you want to find your patterns of your life, you should look closely to your context. That's why paying attention to your families patterns behavior (or people who you spend your most of your time with) would be beneficial.

Pattern Studio

After going deep inside patterns (I recommend this video to all who want to know more about patterns and living things (https)[]), I decided to name our sub-company pattern studio, so that every time I look back, I try to remember that knowing patterns are one of the key factors in determination of the success.

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