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Amirhosein Shirani

Why I Write in English

Personal1 min read

I usually write for myself. It's one of my hobbies. When I decided to start blogging, I asked Niloofar should I write in english or persian. She thought and said to me it's better to write in english.

I love persian language, all of my close friends know that. I think persian has a great soul. You could easily comprehend it by reading Hafez, Rumi and other poets' works. The artistic metaphors and stories and wordage that persian has is fabulous. But the reasons that Niloofar gave me were compelling. First, english is closer to business language. Second, I want to improve my writing skill.

Moreover, I worried that young entrepreneurs around me could not benefit from my writings in near future (if they would find it helpful and I know that I'm noob now), but the community I write for them are fluent in english.

Eventually I decided to write in english, although I's not my vernacular language.

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